Building Blocks

Building Blocks - Schedules

Nitric makes it easy to create functions that run on a schedule. Schedules are most useful for batch workloads, reporting and other activities that happen on a set cadence.


Frequencies define when your functions should run. Nitric supports expressive schedules which run as often as once per minute. Frequencies can be configured in minutes, hours and days.

General usage

The guide below highlights the features of Nitric Schedules.

Create schedules

Creating schedules with Nitric can be done with a single line of code to define resources.

import { schedule } from '@nitric/sdk';

// Create a schedule that runs every 5 minutes
schedule('process-transactions').every('5 minutes', async (ctx) => {
  // do some processing

// Create a schedule that runs every 3 hours
schedule('send-reminder').every('3 hours', async (ctx) => {
  // do some processing

// We can also just provide a simple singular rate as well
schedule('send-reports').every('day', async (ctx) => {
  // do some processing