Nitric's Go SDK

This SDK reference provides documentation for the functions and methods in Nitric's Go library.

The library provides the ability to define and interact with cloud resources, as well as build application logic like functions/handlers.


If you used a Nitric starter template for Go to scaffold your project, then the dependency will already be included in the dependencies in your go.mod file. Using starter templates is the recommended installation option since it ensures the other files and configuration needed are also set up.

However, you can also install the SDK.

go get

Custom runtime

To successfully run and deploy Go applications using the Nitric framework, it is necessary to use a custom runtime Dockerfile. This Dockerfile ensures that your Go application is built and executed within an appropriate environment, taking into account all dependencies and configurations required by Nitric.

Default Dockerfile

For your convenience, Nitric provides a default Dockerfile specifically tailored for Go applications. This default Dockerfile is included with the Go starter template available through the Nitric CLI. By using this template, you can quickly set up your development environment and focus on building your application without worrying about Docker configuration.

This Dockerfile provides a solid starting point for deploying Go applications with Nitric. Feel free to customize it according to your application's needs.


The source for the SDK is available on GitHub.