Nitric Docker Providers

Nitric Providers can be distributed as Docker containers. This allows providers to be built and distributed independently of the Nitric runtime in a highly portable format. It's also a convenient way to distribute custom providers.

Enabling Docker Providers

Nitric Providers running as Docker containers are currently a preview feature. To enable this feature, add/update the preview feature flag in your nitric.yaml file:

  - docker-providers

Using Docker Providers

To use a Docker Provider, you need to specify the image to use in a stack file for your project, e.g. nitric.test.yaml. While a standard Nitric Provider is defined as string containing the provider namespace, then provider name and version e.g. nitric/aws@1.2.0, docker providers start with docker:// followed by the image name you'd like to reference (repositories and tags are supported).

For example, to use a custom provider in a container image named my-provider, update the stack file as follows:

provider: docker://my-provider

Tags are also supported and recommended to ensure the correct version of the provider is used. For example, to use a custom provider in a container image named my-provider with the tag latest, update the stack file as follows :

provider: docker://my-provider:latest