Azure Provider Overview

The officially supported Nitric Azure Provider.


The Azure provider is supported by the Nitric SDKs and CLI by default. However, credentials for an Azure account will be required when using the up command from the CLI.

Azure CLI Installation

Installing the Azure CLI assists with credentials setup. You can install it using these summarized instructions, for more options see the Microsoft docs.


Download & install the latest CLI release.


curl -sL | sudo bash

Install with Homebrew on macOS

brew update && brew install azure-cli

Azure Credentials

The Nitric CLI uses the standard Azure credentials to authenticate with Azure. If you've set up local credentials for the Azure CLI or an SDK previously, these settings should work without modification.

If you're setting up your credentials for the first time, simply run azure login command and finish the login via your browser.

az login

Verify the Azure CLI install -

az -v