AWS Resources - Schedules

Nitric Schedules are deployed to AWS using CloudWatch Events.

AWS Resources

The following resources are created when deploying to Schedules to AWS:

  • CloudWatch Event Rules
  • CloudWatch Event Targets
  • SNS Topics
  • SNS Subscriptions
  • Lambda Functions for Subscribers


To maximize consistency between cloud providers, Schedules are implemented by Nitric in AWS using SNS Topics. The Nitric CLI builds subscribers and deploys schedules:

  • SNS Topics are created for each schedule
  • CloudWatch Rules with cron expressions that match the schedule definitions are created
  • SNS topics are setup as targets for the events created by rules
  • AWS Lambda Functions are created which will run the scheduled code
  • The Lambda Functions are setup as subscribers to the SNS topics
  • IAM policies are setup enabling lambdas to be triggered by topics and CloudWatch to publish events