AWS Provider Overview

The officially supported Nitric AWS Provider.


The AWS provider is supported by the Nitric SDKs and CLI by default. However, credentials for an AWS account will be required when using the up command from the CLI.

AWS Credentials

The Nitric CLI uses standard AWS credential settings to authenticate with AWS. If you've set credentials for the AWS CLI or an AWS SDK previously, these settings should work without modification.

If you're setting your credentials for the first time, there are several available methods. We recommend the standard AWS credentials file to get started.

AWS Credential File Setup

Create a new credentials files at one of these locations:

  • ~/.aws/credentials on Linux, macOS, or Unix
  • C:\Users\USERNAME\.aws\credentials on Windows

The file should contain the following:

aws_access_key_id = your_access_key_id
aws_secret_access_key = your_secret_access_key

Replace your_access_key_id and your_secret_access_key with your own values.

You can create an Access Key by logging into the AWS console and navigating to: Username Menu > Security credentials > Access keys > Create New Access Key