Nitric apps have access to important cloud features. These features are provided by the Nitric Server as APIs and are used via our SDKs.

Here is a list of features offered by Nitric and primary services used to provide them:

FeatureAWSAzureGoogle CloudLocal
APIsAPI GatewayAPI ManagementAPI GatewayCustom
CollectionsDynamoDBCosmos DBFireStoreBoltDB
Messaging: TopicsSNSEvent GridPubSubCustom
Messaging: QueuesSQSStorage QueuesPubSubCustom
SchedulesCloudWatch Event Bridge🚧 In ProgressCloud Schedulercurrently unavailable
SecretsSecrets ManagerKey VaultSecret ManagerCustom
StorageS3Blob StorageCloud StorageSeaweedFS
Compute (Handlers)LambdaContainer AppsCloudRunDocker