Nitric CLI



A Nitric stack represents a pairing of a project and its deployment target. A project may have multiple stacks as the deployment target is broken down into a cloud provider e.g. aws and a region e.g. us-east-1.

If your project needs to deploy to aws in two regions us-east-1 and eu-west-1, you'll have two stack definitions in your project.

Creating a stack

To create a stack use the new command from your project root. Each stack name must be unique within the project.

nitric stack new

Follow the prompts to create a stack for your provider.

? What do you want to call your new stack? aws-stack
? Which Cloud do you wish to deploy to? aws
? select the region us-east-1

The stack definition will be created in the root of your project as a YAML file prefixed with nitric- e.g. nitric-aws-stack.yaml

name: aws-stack
provider: aws
region: us-east-1

Once you have created a stack, you're ready to deploy and undeploy to your deployment target. See the CLI docs for available commands.

Updating a stack definition

You are free to manually edit the stack definition if required, ensure that both the provider and region values are valid or simply run the nitric stack new command again.