Local Dashboard

Enhance your local development workflow using Nitric's Local Development Dashboard, featuring:

  • Architecture Diagram: Effortlessly visualize your application's architecture.
  • API Explorer: Streamline interaction with backend APIs.
  • Schedules: Trigger and observe scheduled tasks.
  • Topics: Trigger and observe events from topics.
  • Buckets: Categorize and manage data in your buckets.
  • WebSockets: Dive deep into connection details, connecting, and sending messages.

All features provide real-time updates, ensuring you stay in sync with your application changes.

To access the dashboard, simply fire up your Nitric project using the nitric start command and follow the link provided in your terminal.

nitric start

Access the Development Dashboard quickly and easily by opening up the API Base URL in your browser. By default, the URL is set to http://localhost:49152 and will redirect you to the Development Dashboard in just a few clicks.