Thanks for your interest in contributing to the Nitric community. There are plenty of ways to get involved, we've summarized a few here to get you started.

Nitric is Open-Source, our team encourages you to ask questions, raise requests for new features and let us know about bugs! If you would like to know more about our future plans or what we are currently working on, you can look at the Nitric roadmap.

Questions and discussions

You can ask questions and launch discussions about Nitric-related topics in the nitric repository on GitHub. A Discord server is also available if you'd like to chat about features, issues or connect with others using Nitric.

Create a bug report or feature request

If you encounter an error or run into issues while using Nitric, please make sure to create a bug report. If you'd like to suggest a change or request new functionality you can submit a feature request.

You can also check out our Creating bug reports guide to step you through the process.