What You Can Build with Nitric

The Nitric framework provides key building blocks (APIs, HTTP frameworks, key value stores, schedules, storage, messages, secrets and queues) plus flexibility and extensibility to support a wide range of applications and use cases. Here are examples of applications the community has built with Nitric that can help you connect to your use case.

Reference App Architectures

Data capture

Capturing and processing user data is a common need for many use cases: surveys, questionnaires, financial applications, automated data capture, etc.

How to use Nitric:

  • Easily leverage serverless functions.
  • Build Schedules and Topics to enable a scale-to-zero solution with asynchronous workers, avoiding cost during unneeded hours.
  • Use API Gateway to enhance security by blocking unauthorized requests.

data capture application

VOD/Live Stream

Video streaming (Live and On Demand) is one of the most popular types of hosted content leveraging scalable cloud services.

How to use Nitric:

  • Modernize stream orchestration, ad injection, markers and 'slates'.
  • Leverage cloud services like API gateways, eventing, scheduling, video encoding and decoding, CDNs and broadcast management.
  • Implement dynamic cost and infrastructure management by eliminating streams and cloud resources when broadcasts are not required.

data capture application

More examples

Multi-cloud app development

Nitric is designed for building portable apps. Check out this example of a multi-player gameboy load balanced to stream traffic to multiple cloud providers from the same codebase.

See additional application examples in our Nitric Examples Repo on GitHub.

Data science

Internal processes for data transformation, analysis, and syncing are business critical and often full of manual work and infrastructure maintenance.

How to use Nitric:

  • Leverage Nitric’s infrastructure automation to reduce the manual burden of managing cloud infrastructure.
  • Share infrastructure requirements across your team using Nitric’s architecture visualizations.
  • Build a data transformation process quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduce operational tasks and minimize maintenance.

ID verification

Many transactions now demand rigorous identity validation. Identity Verification (IDV) SaaS solutions include biometric verification, remote applicant interviews and regulatory Know Your Customer (KYC) review and approval processing.

How to use Nitric:

  • Build multi-tenant solutions, streamline cloud provisioning, integrate with common IDV services and focus on development rather than infrastructure automation.
  • Leverage elastic scaling and automated infrastructure provisioning to handle dynamic workloads and API orchestration.
  • Rapidly iterate, debug and ship using Nitric’s hot reloading to make real-time changes during local development.

AI chatbot

Building, tuning and analyzing data from AI chatbots is a common use case for user facing applications.

How to use Nitric:

  • Experiment with latest AI Chatbot features from AWS, Azure and GCP with minimal code changes and configuration adjustments.
  • Quickly set up and manage serverless functions and API gateways to build out your chat interface.