Nitric Documentation

Learn how to quickly get started with Nitric by exploring tutorials, APIs, and platform resources. Discover how Nitric can empower you to build applications efficiently and effectively.

Building Blocks

Create powerful APIs with easy to setup routes, middleware and security.

A built-in key value store to quickly store and retrieve unstructured data.

Schedule actions easily using either simple rate expressions or cron.

Store and retrieve BLOB data effortlessly.

Use Topics and Queues to create event-driven distributed applications

Securely store and retrieve secrets.

Additional Assets

Use the CLI to develop, test and deploy your cloud projects.

Uncover the Nitric feature-to-cloud service mapping, revealing the powerful integration between Nitric and primary cloud services.

Learn how to extend and create custom Nitric providers using the Pulumi Automation API.

Streamline your local development workflow with Nitric's intuitive Local Development Dashboard.