Wing vs. Nitric

Wing and Nitric share common goals of allowing developers to build modern applications for the cloud without worrying about infrastructure. Where they differ is on approach and fine details.

Wing is a new language for cloud development, it lets you bring cloud concepts into your application code. Applications written in Wing are transpiled into Terraform and JavaScript for deployment to the cloud.

Nitric is implemented differently, providing SDKs for existing languages such as TypeScript, JavaScript, C#, Go, Python and Java. The Nitric SDKs interact with a deployment engine and providers which can deploy your applications to different clouds.

Both options are extremely productive, it's up to you which approach you prefer. As you can see from the examples below the experience with either option is similar.

Code Comparison


import { api } from '@nitric/sdk'

const helloApi = api('far-away-galaxy-api')

helloApi.get('/', async ({ req, res }) => {
  res.body = 'Hello from Nitric'


bring cloud;

let api = new cloud.Api();

api.get("/", inflight (request: cloud.ApiRequest): cloud.ApiResponse => {
    return cloud.ApiResponse {
      status: 200,
      body: "Hello from Wing"