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Use cases with the Nitric Framework

Drop Bio Health uses Nitric to transform developer productivity and deliver business value quickly.

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ID Verification Provider unlocked elastic scaling, cost optimization and development velocity with Nitric.

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Enhance your Express, Koa, or Fastify app using Nitric for easy serverless integration. Automated provisioning, cost-efficient scaling, instant cloud resources, and streamlined CI/CD. No extensive refactoring needed.

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Nitric empowers devs with self-service infrastructure, streamlining provisioning while adhering to leadership's guardrails for security, compliance, scale, and cost. Code-defined infrastructure boosts consistency, reduces errors, and enhances agility, benefiting both engineering and IT teams.

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Nitric Framework guides sound architectural practices and eases distributed system complexities. Leaders reduce cloud migration risks, choosing providers at their pace. Developers access curated tools, focusing on cloud-agnostic logic. Ops ensure compliance via opinionated providers for AWS, GCP, Azure, curtailing shadow IT.

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Nitric allows swift infrastructure setup for prototypes, enabling cost-effective innovation sharing. Leaders cut costs by tearing down resources after prototyping. Developers enjoy offline work with local setup via CLI. Operations benefit as devs self-serve, lightening their load.

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Reduce Operations Burden

Nitric empowers CTOs, solo devs, and small teams to create secure, scalable apps sans cloud expertise. Engineering leaders streamline focus. Developers access expert-built best practices for efficient development. Ops shed IaC repetition, ensuring reliable projects.


Nitric enables cross-cloud deployment from one codebase: AWS, Azure, GCP, or custom providers. Leaders defer tech choices, adjust vendors easily. Developers simplify tool selection via opinionated resources. Ops ensure portability and manage intricate tasks with Nitric's environment provisioning.

Multi-cloud Compliance

Nitric facilitates deploying apps into existing infra for customer compliance. Engineers stay future-proof, adapting config without altering code, ensuring readiness for evolving compliance like EU banking mandates.

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