Leverage cloud benefits without rebuilding.

You've already built your application with great frameworks like Koa, Express or Fastify. Keeping your team's high productivity and competitive edge without overspending is important to making the most of the cloud.

Use Nitric to take advantage of cloud benefits and features including serverless resources and cost optimization, immediately, without code refactor. Discover the freedom to scale your application effortlessly, whether it's down to zero or up to infinity.

Work faster and smarter without compromising the productive and enjoyable development experience you've already established with your team.

Save time and money

Experience the advantages of serverless architecture and fully-managed cloud resources without the need for a time-consuming rewrite.

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Scale to zero, and save!

Switching to Nitric lets your app scale to zero during down time and to up to meet demands. Additionally, automatic tear down of infrastructure means less rogue infra and associated costs.

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Easy deployment CI/CD

Discard your separate deployment project! Nitric takes care of containerization and automatically provisioning the infrastructure required for your app.

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Rapid development

Building locally is the fastest way to innovate. Nitric's local run functionality simulates the cloud allowing you to build & iterate offline without cloud costs.

Gain access to the best cloud resources

Nitric is a framework for rapidly building cloud applications. It lets you define your applications in terms of the resources they need, then write the code for APIs, event subscribers and scheduled jobs. The agility and portability of Nitric mean you can focus on your products, not your cloud provider.

Diagram showing developer ecosystem when adding Nitric

Nitric containerizes your existing application and deploys it into a fully-managed container runtime with access to the right building blocks to help you continue your growth into the cloud with an ecosystem of powerful tools. Apps built with Nitric can be deployed to AWS, Azure or Google Cloud all from the same code base.

Diagram showing developer ecosystem when adding Nitric

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