About Nitric

Nitric's mission is to bring back choice for software development teams. We believe applications and platforms should be portable by default and a joy to build. We want to empower engineers to build innovative cloud applications that run anywhere, with the latest and best technology.

Our team

Steve Demchuk avatar

Steve Demchuk

Chief Executive Officer
Jye Cusch avatar

Jye Cusch

Founder & Co-CEO
Tim Holm avatar

Tim Holm

Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Elisse Lockhart avatar

Elisse Lockhart

Chief Growth Officer
Rochelle Lewis avatar

Rochelle Lewis

Chief Financial Officer
Rak Siv avatar

Rak Siv

Developer Relations
David Moore avatar

David Moore

Lead Engineer
Ryan Cartwright avatar

Ryan Cartwright

Product Engineer

We're backed by some incredible investors

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Phil Copeland

Board Member
Stephen Coleman avatar

Stephen Coleman

Board Member
Howard Treisman avatar

Howard Treisman

Private Investor

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