Cloud-Native Applications in Your Language and Your Cloud

No matter your language of choice, Nitric auto-provisions the right infrastructure and config for your app. Focus on your code, then deploy to AWS, GCP, or Azure with a single command.

import { api } from '@nitric/sdk';
const helloApi = api('main');
helloApi.get('/hello/:name', async (ctx) => {    const { name } = ctx.req.params;    ctx.res.body = `Hello ${name}`;});

Write application code, not YAML

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Eliminate 1000s of line of config. Seriously.

Nitric inspects your code, understands its needs and determines what resources, policies and configuration to deploy for you based on your cloud provider.

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Define APIs in seconds.

No need to keep up with the ins & outs of your cloud provider and what it takes to configure a secure, scalable application.

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Use your favorite language and deploy to any cloud.

Your Typescript/Javascript/Go/... expertise is enough to deploy to the cloud of your choice, even if you decide to switch or add clouds later.

‘‘Nitric is indeed an amazing service, our team spent a lot of time deploying and debugging multiple lambda's, especially on testing AWS with Pulumi, Nitric's out of the box and 0 configuration was a great fit for us.’’
- Witt at Mest
‘‘Building my multi-tenant solution with Nitric freed me up to focus on the application code instead of how to deploy infrastructure for scale and configure each of the cloud services to work correctly. Nitric saved me weeks of effort on infrastructure, and their hot-reloading let me rapidly iterate my code during local development.’’
- Shafat at SRH Engineering
‘‘This is hands down the best serverless experience yet.’’
- @baadc0de at Nitric's Discord

Infrastructure from Code

Quickly build cloud applications by defining infrastructure while you write your code.


Design your app

Start building without worrying about cloud service capabilities. Nitric lets you easily change cloud and infrastructure decisions over time.

Plus, you can easily extend the open source framework with your own plug-ins.

diagram showing some of the cloud resources supported by Nitric.

Write code

Abstraction lets you code in your favorite language using familiar patterns. Leverage the serverless features you need, debug locally to develop without interruptions, and write tests for your app and infrastructure in the same codebase.

import { api, topic } from '@nitric/sdk';import { newUser } from '@lib/user';
const userEvts = topic('user:new').for('publishing');
const publicApi = api('public');'/users', async (ctx) => {  // create a user  const user = await newUser(;  // publish an event  await userEvts.publish({    payload: user,  });});

Deploy with a self-provisioning runtime

Nitric auto-provisions the right infrastructure for your application in AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. Deploy from code with a single command or integrate your CI/CD.

Try our new platform Nitric Deploy to get push-to-deploy from GitHub.

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Diagram showing identification of cloud resources from code

Putting the dev back in cloud development

DX is a core value of the Nitric framework. We're building to help developers unlock cloud advantages despite increasing complexity.

Reduce infrastructure maintenance needs
Faster time to deployment
Free from thinking about cloud services and limitations
Delay cloud and infrastructure decisions

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