Innovation Hub

Innovation is key to delivering new features to your customers, but how are developers and operation teams actually spending their time? Provisioning and tearing down infrastructure is a distraction which affects all of your teams, leading to time wasted and lack of focus.

Developer focus with Nitric

Empower developers to focus on innovation features without disruption to your ops teams. Create correctly configured environments on demand for each project.

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Run locally & save

Building locally is the fastest way to innovate. Nitric's local run functionality mimics the cloud with hot-reloading. Your app is ready to iteratively develop and test offline.

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Provision on-demand

100% of developer time is focussed on building applications. Developers self-service their infrastructure needs in the cloud, without waiting on support tickets.

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Remove unused infra

It's easy to loose track of infrastructure used for proof-of-concepts. Self-service tear down of infrastructure means less rogue infra and associated costs.

Enjoy a productive development experience

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Let Nitric handle the infrastructure

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