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Nitric Enterprise Consulting offers a range of flexible offerings for your team, fostering long-term success beyond our initial commitment.

  • Enterprise Framework support. Get expert support for the Nitric framework to ensure your team's smooth progress and confidence in releasing features. Enterprise support includes product licensing, issue support, new feature releases and on-going consultation and advice.
  • Cloud Transformation Consulting. Migrate or modernize with advice and tooling from expert cloud specialists. Our team has deep experience building innovative end-to-end cloud applications in AWS, Google and Azure. Consulting can include audits of your existing architecture and applications with cost optimization advice.
  • Professional services. Engage our services team for new or existing projects of all sizes. We can get you started with a POC and best practices baked into the project from day 1, or work with you to quickly deliver your project to production. Our team can also provide training to accelerate your team's development efforts and knowledge.
  • Internal Developer Platform as a service. Build with us to bring joy back to your cloud developers by building your own IDP with Nitric. Your Platform team decides the right infrastructure and policies, your developers will build cloud-aware applications, and Nitric automates provisioning that works for both. We partner with your team to build the right golden paths to accelerate productivity through a modern developer experience.
  • Custom Nitric Providers. Looking to use a cloud provider or a custom service not supported in our standard providers? We can deliver custom Nitric providers to optimize the framework for your unique cloud deployment and runtime needs.

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“Nitric has completely transformed our developer productivity so that we can deliver business value quickly. Taking our lengthy deployment process to a fast, fully-automated pipeline has a real impact on the cost to our business and gives us a competitive edge in our speed to market. We’re well positioned now to quickly release new features and go after big business opportunities, all while cutting our AWS hosting costs.”

Malcolm Edgar
CTO of Drop Bio Health

Our Achievements

  • 30% headcount increase saved
  • 60% reduction in AWS costs
  • Deployment frequency increased by 12X

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