Azure Container Apps with Nitric

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Tim HolmTim Holm

Tim Holm

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Microsoft just announced their general purpose managed container platform Azure Container Apps.

Container Apps provide a convenient way for developers to deploy containerized applications into a flexible serverless environment that provides easy to configure horizontal scaling without the burden of building or managing your own kubernetes clusters.

We're excited to say, just two days later, we've added support for deploying Nitric Compute resources, including Serverless Functions & Containers to Azure Container Apps. Our initial preview of Azure support, released last Friday, deployed Compute assets to Azure App Service, but Container Apps provides many advantages including better support for non-public containers, a new event driven autoscaler and scale-to-zero.

Install the latest RC Release of our Azure CLI plugin and configure your azure subscription to try it out for yourself and start using Container Apps in just a few minutes.

If you're new to nitric and want to start building cloud applications check out our getting start guide

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