The cloud aware
application framework

Nitric enhances productivity, uniting backend and infrastructure code to build and ship cloud applications fast.

Seamless integration with your preferred runtime

Effortless infrastructure

Add inline cloud resources, then let Nitric's engine take care of creating cloud resources by generating IaC with tools like Pulumi or Terraform.

Define cloud resources in your code to automate infrastructure deployments.
Nitric generates plumbing and IAM to keep things safe and scalable.
Automate the automation.
Significantly reduce Infrastructure-as-Code development while maintaining control.

Local development

Ship faster by running your cloud apps locally with infrastructure included.

Build with Hot Reload

Achieve rapid, real-time code updates for efficient and dynamic development

Local Cloud Simulation

Run your cloud stack locally and develop offline for faster, cost-effective development

Instant Testing, No Delays

Enhance testing frequency and simplify application debugging

Plays nice with others

Nitric works with the tools and languages you love, so you can learn fast and build something amazing.

Use existing languages.
No extra compilers, annotations or languages to adopt, use your language and toolchain of choice.
Extend or customize Nitric's infrastructure engine to work with your Infrastructure-as-Code tools of choice.
Existing tools just work.
Nitric uses SDKs, over extensions or plugins, so you can build with your favorite editor and tools.

Enhance existing projects

Build something new or extend an existing project with built-in cloud resources. Nitric provides powerful web application features and also enhances other web frameworks to add new cloud features, so you can quickly bring your scalable, composable, secure application to the cloud.

Starting with an existing project? Use Nitric to enhance existing frameworks like Express.js, Koa, Fastify and more.
Add Nitric's cloud resources to build powerful new applications or features.

Build once, deploy anywhere

Deploy to the cloud of your choice without changing a line of code.

Multicloud Support.
Immediate support for AWS, Google Cloud and Azure.
Follow the features, talent or price. Move between clouds without a rewrite.
Avoid Lock-In.
Use the cloud's managed services for scale and speed, without risking lock-in.

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