Build for the cloud with Dev speed and Ops confidence

With Nitric, your developers build cloud-aware applications, your Ops team decide the right infrastructure and policies, and Nitric automates provisioning that works for both.

Easily define and maintain your internal developer platform

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Ensure your team is using best practices without building a proprietary IDP

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Unlock developer productivity and automate organizational control

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Audit tech and eliminate Shadow IT to achieve security, reliability, and scalability without slowing your team down

Nitric is a bridge for Developer and Platform teams

Nitric reduces cloud complexity and streamlines your SDLC.

Our plug-ins, reference architectures and templates get your team started quickly (with best practices!)
Auto-provisioning turns your requirements into cloud resources and policies
Cloud state documentation lets you audit at any time

Developers focus on building your application

import { api, topic } from '@nitric/sdk';import { newUser } from '@lib/user';
const userEvts = topic('user:new').for('publishing');
const publicApi = api('public');'/users', async (ctx) => {  // create a user  const user = await newUser(;  // publish an event  await userEvts.publish({    payload: user,  });});

While Ops make strategic tech decisions

Diagram showing identification of cloud resources from code

Nitric automates your deployment,

enforcing policies and best practices

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Diagram showing identification of cloud resources from code

Level up team productivity and collaboration

Empower developers to stay focused on application architecture
Detect and fix infrastructure issues at integration, not deploy time
Automate security and compliance policy checks
Easily deploy to multiple target environments
Change tech over time as your needs evolve, without code rework

Excel at cloud development and deployment