Nitric Update - Oct 2022

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Tim Holm

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We’ve added some fun new features for both the Nitric Framework and Nitric Deploy in the past month. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

Here’s what’s new from Nitric:

Public roadmap

We now have a public roadmap for the open-source framework and surrounding projects. Check it out and let us know what you’d like to see.

screenshot of nitric's public roadmap

Cleaner build logs

Based on great user feedback, we’ve removed clutter from the build logs in Nitric Deploy so you can quickly find issues and debug. I’m looking forward to hearing how this improves your developer experience.

Blog: Is IaC being replaced?

We recently explored the trade-offs between convenience and control for products like Terraform, Pulumi, and Nitric. See IaC vs. Infrastructure from Code in action in my latest article.

Coming soon: New CLI command, nitric start

We’re updating the way local development works with Nitric! nitric run now provides a much closer reflection of how your application will work in production by running the same image that will be deployed when pushing to the cloud.

For a more agile developer experience, we’re introducing nitric start which starts Nitric services locally for applications to connect to. This makes debugging and code hot-reloading much easier. We’re also updating our typescript and javascript starter templates to include this out of the box.

nitric start running in a terminal

Coming soon: View deployed resources

Wishing for more transparency into your deployments? Soon you’ll be able to see the specific resources Nitric has provisioned for your application and click directly into your cloud console to review them. With list and graph views, you can easily demo what you’ve built, as well.

deployed resources graph

Coming soon: Delayed messaging

We’re working on allowing messages to be sent with a delay specified at runtime, which will make it possible to build more dynamic async behaviour with Nitric. For example, starting a background task and publishing a delayed event to check the results later instead of actively polling. This is particularly useful when the background work is performed by an external service that doesn't support events or webhooks.

We plan our work based on your input

Keep letting us know how we can improve Nitric:

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Tim, CTO at Nitric

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