Nitric Update - Nov 2022

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Tim Holm

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The year is flying by; it’s hard to believe the holidays are almost upon us (if you’re in the US, happy Thanksgiving this week!). But not to worry, the Nitric team haven’t lost our focus on improving the framework and Nitric Deploy. 😉

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Python support

You can now write Nitric applications in Python! 🎉 Nitric provides the same focus on code (not semantics) that we love about Python, and we’re excited to bring the Python experience to cloud infrastructure. Check out the Python docs and our guide for getting started with building a REST API.

View deployed resources

We added list and graph views in Nitric Deploy of the specific resources Nitric has provisioned for your application so you can review, easily access them in AWS for management, and demo your infrastructure to others. Watch a quick demo and then see it for yourself in Nitric Deploy.

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New CLI command: nitric start

As I introduced last month, we’ve updated the way local development works with Nitric, making debugging and code hot-reloading much easier. Try out nitric start in the CLI to see how easily you can test locally.

Delayed messaging

One of our most requested features, delayed messaging is now possible through the Nitric framework. Specify the delay you want at runtime in order to check the results of an event later, instead of actively polling. I’m looking forward to seeing the variety of use cases this unlocks for our users!

Coming soon: OpenTelemetry support

We’re wrapping up support for OpenTelemetry, so you’ll soon be able to enable metrics and traces from Nitric. Traceability is challenging with distributed applications, and this feature will make it much easier to troubleshoot your app. In a loosely coupled environment, you’ll be able to know where a communication failure occurred without adding debug statements and deep diving into logs!

We’re excited about the observability capabilities this will enable, and look forward to hearing how you use this to manage your application with your team.

open telemetry chart

Coming soon: Go support

We’ve been working hard to continue expanding Nitric’s language support. Our Go SDK is going through final testing and documentation additions now.

Coming soon: We’re launching on Product Hunt! 🚀

We’re really excited to be launching Nitric Deploy on Product Hunt soon. We can’t wait to see how it helps even more developers simplify cloud development and deployment.

For those of you on Product Hunt, we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on launch day (December 6th!), and if you’d like to support us with our launch, sign up today and keep an eye on our Twitter for the launch announcement.

What do you want to see next?

Join us in Discord or GitHub discussions to let us know what features and improvements would make Nitric more valuable for you. We appreciate your feedback!


Tim, CTO at Nitric

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