Nitric Update - June 2024

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Tim HolmTim Holm

Tim Holm

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The Nitric team has been focused on a few areas to help newcomers more easily explore the tech and adopt it in existing pipelines. Check out some of our latest work below.

🎉 Nitric with Terraform

A big push for us in the past month has been building out some Nitric Providers for Terraform. We know a lot of teams are highly invested in Terraform, and we want to bring Infrastructure from Code to those teams to help make cloud dev and deployment more productive. Learn more about using Nitric alongside your existing Terraform modules.

🔥 SQL Database Support

We’ve just released SQL database support into preview for local development and our base AWS provider! Check out how to get started in our docs:

👀 Learn more about Infrastructure from Code

We’ve noticed a lot more people looking to learn about Infrastructure from Code (IfC) recently. Here’s some great content to help you dive in.

▶️ See What You Can Do with Architecture Visualizations

If you haven’t played around with our real-time architecture visualizations feature yet, this video is a great way to see it in action. Watch to learn how you can speed up your project dev, communication and design refinement processes.

architecture visualization

📄 Nitric Docs - Easier to Get Started

Good documentation is pretty important to our team, so we’re always iterating and adding. In the past month we’ve released some updates to the Nitric Docs nav, home and concepts section to make it easier to find what you’re looking for right off the bat. Explore the Docs and let us know what else you’d like to see!

We’d appreciate your support with a GitHub star and sharing the word about what we’re building! Come chat with me and the Nitric team in Discord any time.

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