Nitric Update - July 2023

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Tim HolmTim Holm

Tim Holm

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We're excited to share the latest news from Nitric. It’s a busy and exciting time in cloud development. 😄

🎉 Nitric for Your Existing Projects

I’m really excited to share that Nitric now supports third-party web frameworks, so you can enhance your existing Express.js, Koa, Fastify, etc. project with powerful cloud resources. This support makes it incredibly easy to get started with Nitric and to enhance your applications with elastic scaling, least-privilege security, background/scheduled task offloading and cloud resources without manually writing infrastructure-as-code automation.

👉 watch a demo, and explore these guides to see it in action:

✨ New: Support for Custom Domains

We recently added support in Nitric for custom domains for your AWS deployments! This is a great enhancement to make the URLs for your APIs deployed via Nitric more professional and easier to remember, removing manual steps. Take a look at our guide or watch our quick video guide to see how it works.

If you'd like to see custom domain support for Azure or Google Cloud, let us know.

👀 New: Websockets Support

There are loads of applications that require real-time communication so users aren’t continually waiting around for tasks running in the background. I’m excited to share that Nitric’s Websockets support is now in preview! Take a look at the docs here, and let us know how this fits your use case.

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Tim, CTO at Nitric

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