Nitric Update - Sep 2022

Nitric Deploy Update
Tim HolmTim Holm

Tim Holm

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It’s been exciting to see developers using Nitric Deploy over the last month through our early access preview. Since the launch of Nitric Deploy we’ve been getting heaps of great feedback on what we can improve.

Here’s what we’ve been up to over the last month:

Investigating AWS Lambda cold starts

We got user feedback about running into slow cold starts with AWS Lambda. Check out our learnings after looking into the contributors.

Speeding up deploys and improving starter templates

Quick cloud deployments mean faster feedback cycles to help you stay focussed and productive. We recently made enhancements to make builds significantly faster. Plus, with our starter templates, you can get your first project deployed in 5-15 minutes. Deploy a stack to see this in action!

Managing multiple environments

Nitric Deploy makes it easy to set up new environments so you can set up production, staging, and development stacks and test your code independent of your production branch. Let us know how you’d like to manage branches in your projects here.

Enhancing log pages

We’ve been working to improve the log output during Nitric builds. We now reduce the amount of noise in the logs and clearly highlight where errors and warnings occur during the build.

Coming soon: Nitric Deploy for teams

Our vision is to facilitate collaborative cloud development and deployment, and we’re currently working on features for you to invite your team members to your Nitric Deploy orgs. This will give you a centralized view to manage your deployments, with logs all in one place.

Send us your feedback!

Keep letting us know how we can improve; we’re hard at work on more improvements to Nitric Deploy. Two ways you can help:

  1. Join us in Discord.
  2. Take our 2 minute survey.

Thanks again for your support and feedback! Head over to Nitric Deploy to check out the latest updates, and let us know how we can continue improving the product.

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