The cloud aware
application framework

Nitric enhances productivity, uniting backend and infrastructure code to build and ship cloud applications fast.

Code to infrastructure

Self-serve your infrastructure needs with in-code resources and usage. Let Nitric's engine take care of creating cloud resources using tools like Pulumi or Terraform.
  • Define infrastructure requirements in your code to automate IaC
  • Easily bind code to APIs, events and scheduled triggers
  • Nitric generates plumbing and IAM to keep things safe and scalable.
  • Significantly reduce Infrastructure-as-Code development while maintaining control.

Local development

Ship faster by running your cloud apps locally with infrastructure included.
  • Build and test without waiting for deployments to complete
  • Test APIs, events, queues and persistence on your own machine
  • Build with containers or your own build tools

Easy to embrace

Learn fast and work with the tools you love.
  • Use existing languages - no extra compilers, annotations or languages to adopt, use your language and toolchain of choice.
  • Extend or customize Nitric's infrastructure engine to work with your Infrastructure-as-Code tools of choice.
  • SDKs ensure tools just work - no extensions or plugins needed to build with your favorite editor.

Cloud agnostic deployments

Deploy to the cloud of your choice without changing a line of code.
  • Pick a pre-built provider or customize your own to deploy anywhere.
  • Immediate support for AWS, Google Cloud and Azure.
  • Use managed services while avoiding lock-in.
‘‘Nitric is indeed an amazing service, our team spent a lot of time deploying and debugging multiple lambda's, especially on testing AWS with Pulumi, Nitric's out of the box and 0 configuration was a great fit for us.’’
- Witt at Mest
‘‘Building my multi-tenant solution with Nitric freed me up to focus on the application code instead of how to deploy infrastructure for scale and configure each of the cloud services to work correctly. Nitric saved me weeks of effort on infrastructure, and their hot-reloading let me rapidly iterate my code during local development.’’
- Shafat at SRH Engineering
‘‘This is hands down the best serverless experience yet.’’
- @baadc0de at Nitric's Discord

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